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The Mankar we have gets used nearly every day on our Estate and it’s a super tool in our weed prevention programme. It’s good for accurate general spraying but we like the Mankar for spraying around the base of our Christmas trees.

The Mankar gives a good accurate spray of Glyphosate 100% of the time without having to trudge back and forth to refill it with water.

Sean Edwards, Halifax Estates

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Aebi Schmidt and SprayCDA Make a Winning Team

Aebi Schmidt and SprayCDA Make a Winning Team

Contractors and local authorities multi-task with sweeping and weed spraying solution.

The Schmidt Swingo fitted with a specially controlled droplet weed spraying system played a key role at the SprayCDA roadshow at Walsall Football Club recently.

SprayCDA, a division of Maxwell Amenity Ltd, team up with Aebi Schmidt to provide weed spraying attachments for Swingos. The roadshow represented an opportunity to show the solution to local authorities; around 25 people attended the event at Walsall, while another similar roadshow at Lingfield Park was equally well supported.

John Riggall, a director at SprayCDA, said: “We deal with a lot of customers that Aebi Schmidt works with in contractors, local authority and cleansing teams. We decided to have a roadshow to update them about legislation on pesticides and EU directives, for example, and it made sense to have a Schmidt Swingo fitted with a weeding application onsite.”

John has noted increased interest from local authorities in this particular weeding solution as tightened budgets have forced them to take such maintenance and cleansing activity back in-house.
“We’ve noticed a lot more interest and it will grow further,” he said. “There was a lot of enthusiasm for the product at the roadshow and more people will embrace the concept, I’m sure. Drivers can sweep channels and spray weeds at the same time. The driver of the Swingo is in control of when he deploys the hazard-free solution.”

Les Bullock, Area Sales Manager at Aebi Schmidt UK, said: “The roadshows were a huge success. We’ve since had requests for machine demonstrations and people were interested in the sweeper and weed killer that was on show at the Walsall FC event.”

SprayCDA designed the special Swingo attachment; when fitted to a new Swingo it is typically attached at Schmidt in Peterborough but companies have also had them fitted to existing fleets.

John finished with Aebi Schmidt and SprayCDA make a winning team: “Our relationship with Schmidt is based on this system and the great team we work with. We work very well together and long may that continue.”

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