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Our attention was drawn to the Mankar units because they are capable of outputting the minimum amount of herbicide needed. Today, the combination of Mankar ULV technology and Roundup ProBiactive 450 is our preferred method of weed control along footpaths and around housing blocks, trails, trash bins, benches, signposts and traffic lights throughout the entire city centre of Coventry. The process is safe, effective and easy to implement. It leads to higher productivity and lower costs as work times and herbicide consumption are significantly reduced.

Tim Fox, English Landscapes

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Amenity Forum to once again run a number of Important Updating Events in the New Year

Amenity Forum to once again run a number of Important Updating Events in the New Year

These important free events are part of Forum’s campaign to reach all elements of the amenity sector emphasising the importance of best practice and the highest standards in weed and pest control and keeping everyone aware of developments.

They will provide an invaluable update on the impact of recent policy changes and also issues arising from the many technical challenges and developments in all aspects of weed, pest and disease control. The Chairman of the Forum will be joined by a senior member of the team at the Chemicals Regulations Directorate (CRD) as well as others to make presentations and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The events are aimed at all involved from those directly engaged in such operations to those specifying contracts and ensuring such work is done. They will be relevant to all aspects of the diverse and important amenity sector.
Dates of events and locations are as follows:

  • January 24th, Oxford
  • February 4th, Bingley
  • February 28th, Bourne
  • January 24th, Oxford
  • March 10th, Ashbourne

To express interest, please contact the Forum Secretary, Alan.Spedding@amenityforum.co.uk

Further information and full details will be available very soon.

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