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A fantastic bit of kit that is in use by all sorts of staff day in and day out. You can give it to a ring-tailed monkey to walk up and down all day and the weeds will be dead but the plants OK.

Barry Proctor

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The Unima City is especially oriented to the demands in communal areas, as well as to large-scale areas such as found around industrial facilities. The total spray width of 120 cm is well-suited to pathway application, as well as to large-area application.

UNIMA-City is a front-mounted unit and can be delivered with an adapter for mounting onto a STIGA® riding mower. Than it is mounted simply in place of the mower attachment. The STIGA® is very maneuverable thanks to its articulated steering, so that obstructions can be easily driven around, while accessing corners and driving alongside fences and walls can be accomplished without a problem. Suitable adapters for front-mounting on other riding mowers and tractors are also available on request.

Technical Details
Spray width 120cm
No. of nozzles 2
Metering Electric-driven pump
Tank capacity 6L
Surface coverage Up to 60,000m²/Selective
Weight 28kg
Working time On-board power supply