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The WeedMaster is very cost effective & environmentally friendly. Because of the extremely low herbicide output, WeedMaster reduces our herbicide use by 50% & we will cover much more ground because there is no constant refilling with water.

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CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

Quick Look/Features of the CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

The CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) Eradicator lance from Riverlynx: – A cost effective solution to weed killing.
The CDA Eradicator lance is also environmentally friendly as the innovative CDA system reduces spray drift compared to conventional sprayers.

  • Self-calibrating peristaltic pump
  • Rechargeable battery – providing a full day’s spraying
  • 3 speed settings available
  • Well balanced and operator friendly
  • Professional service support

Details of the CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

  • CDA Eradicator lance
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery charger
  • 2 x Small spray discs
  • Large spray disc
  • Instruction booklet

Technical Information for CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

CDA Eradicator Spray Lance ControlsFor use with CDA Vanquish® Biactive or Ecomark CDA

Weight: 1.8kg
Overall length: 1.0m
Power supply: 13.2V DC 2.2 Ahr Ni-Mh
Charger unit: 220-240V mains supply 16V DC
Charging time: 12 hours
Pump: 12V DC motor driven peristaltic pump
Control panel: Rotary dial selection switch

Application Rate Information

Spray widths available: 6″, 12″, 24″ (15.2cm, 30.4cm, 60.8cm)
Application rates obtainable: 15 & 20 litres per hectare.

Important Information for CDA Eradicator Spray Lance

Vanquish to Riverlynx bottle connector 1
Vanquish Backpack Carrier
If you wish to use the Eradicator Spray Lance with the CDA Vanquish Bottles then a CDA Vanquish to Riverlynx Bottle Connector Assembly is required. A separate carry pack will also be required for the bottles.

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