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Servicing and Repairs

SprayCDA Sprayer Repair Workshop

SprayCDA have full workshop facilities for low volume sprayer maintenance on our 3 hectare site at Telford, which employs skilled technicians who really know your equipment and spraying. In addition, we provide on-site servicing of spraying equipment where appropriate.

Pre-season servicing is an essential service to make sure that your equipment is in good working order and calibrated correctly after being left unused over winter, when non-use is the worst enemy of most things mechanical.

It is our objective to provide service directly or to support you with advice and spare parts where appropriate. Our training service is a good investment in this respect as most competent spray operators can be trained up to repair and service their own equipment and in addition we teach them how to maintain the equipment in good condition so that service requirements are minimized. This saves you down time, hassle and added unnecessary costs.

Examples of service routines on some of our low volume systems equipment are listed below:


SprayCDA Sprayer Repair Workshop

On Site – Basic Service

  • Charge battery – this enables us to evaluate the quality of the battery and its ability to hold a charge.
  • Check working condition – looking for external damage to the lance that may need to be repaired.
  • Replace Peristaltic tube (pump) – over time the peristaltic tube in the main pump ages and needs to be replaced.
  • Replace Pvc tube (lance) – chemical residues can settle in the lance piping and restrict flow, we replace it as standard.
  • Replace head motor (lance end) – the motor that drives the spinning nozzle has had a years’ worth of abuse, replaced as standard.
  • Replace Dust cap (lance end) – the dust cap is the part of the lance that spends a lot of time being knocked against kerbs etc – replaced as standard.
  • Replace Disc (nozzle) – replacing the nozzle as well ensures that the lance starts the year at it’s most capable.
  • Calibration if required – some lances have the ability to be manually calibrated

Sent Away

  • Circuit boards – if the circuit board is damaged, it’s best sent back.
  • Other serious problems.


Mankar ULV

SprayCDA Sprayer Repair Workshop

  • Charge battery – this enables us to evaluate the quality of the battery and its ability to hold a charge.
  • Battery life forecast, replace if low. – This enables us to evaluate the quality of the battery and its working hours capacity.
  • Check overall working condition – lances can have a hard life, its best to check for any visible damage.
  • Flush though lance with cleaner – removes any contaminates from the lances systems.
  • Clean all filters – you’ll be surprised what we can find.
  • Check electrical connections – nothing is worse that dodgy connection. Clean internal switch contacts.
  • Ensure atomiser working correctly – this motor is at the heart of the system.
  • Check calibration and spray– makes sure that the lance is working at is most capable.

SprayCDA Service Centre

If you require servicing or replacement parts contact our dedicated SprayCDA service workshop.

workshop@spraycda.com : 01952 897414