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Mankar is a simple, efficient and highly cost effective method of controlling weeds. The lances themselves are simple and easy to use. Maintenance is straight forward and done in minutes. In short there is no other option as Mankar ticks all the right boxes, every time.

Joshua Brady, Wyre Forest District Council

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A Revolution in ATV Weed Sprayers!

A Revolution in ATV Weed Sprayers!

Spray-CDA are delighted to announce the launch of our revolutionary new Highways Weedmaster ATV, designed to set completely new standards in labour efficiency and reduced environmental pesticide use.

The concept of ATV sprayers has long been the industry standard for large scale highways weed control, but the Highways Weedmaster ATV takes this proven formula and moves it forward dramatically.

A conventional highways spraying ATV is limited by the weight of water that it can carry to supply its water based spraying systems.  This means in practice a relatively small amount of water and a larger, more cumbersome ATV to carry it.  Operators need to stop work to find water between four and eight times per day, usually having to return some distance to a depot or support vehicle to refill and mix chemical and losing around half an hour of productive spraying time in the process.  If standpipes are used there is a metered water cost and similar delays.   All in all between 25% and 50% of a conventional ATV sprayer’s day is spent in unproductive down time and additional travel.

By adapting Mankar ULV low volume technology and a CDA hand lance to an ATV, Spray-CDA have provided a ground breaking machine that applies neat, ready to use herbicides at lower volumes per hectare, saving chemicals and reducing environmental impact, as required by the EU Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive.  Well within the weight limits of a more compact, manoeuvrable ATV it can carry sufficient chemical for a continuous 8 to 10 hour working day, never having to stop and waste time refilling with water or having to make wasted return trips.

Spray-CDA have chosen the successor to the renowned Kawasaki KLF300B ATV, proven to be the most compact and manoeuvrable ATV for highways application of herbicides, namely the Kawasaki KVF300.  This two wheel drive machine is light, compact and gives the best turning circle, without pulling on the operators arms as do four wheel drive larger models.  Its weight capacities are well above the small amount of neat chemical and spray equipment fitted.  It comes with a full road legal kit and flashing warning beacon.  It is fitted with a substantial, sealed and lockable chemical storage box which can carry at least 20 litres of herbicide and cleaner.

Two Mankar ULV spray hoods are front mounted to improve accessibility of target areas and visibility.  These apply Roundup Pro450 Biactive at an amazingly low rate of just 2 litres per hectare making a 50% reduction in environmental input of pesticide, while also saving money.  The hoods can be raised or lowered by an electric ram to achieve ideal height for operating conditions.  They can be operated individually with spot on/off controls, say to spray a kerb and gully or a back edge.  Alternatively, they can be operated together to give a maximum overall coverage of about 1.2 metres across the front of the ATV, ideal for large weedy areas of block paviers or flagstones.  Each hood can be extended out sideways beyond the side of the ATV to improve access when spraying  back edges or gullies.  If a hood hits an obstruction it pivots harmlessly back and springs back into place.

An additional CDA hand lance is fitted, designed to apply Bayer’s environmentally friendly CDA Vanquish at a now reduced rate of just 9L per hectare.  This is ideal for spraying around obstacles adjoining the carriageway.   A separate Mankar ULV spray lance can be supplied as well if it is envisaged that operators need to treat areas such as steps or obstacles remote from vehicle access.

With low drift spray systems and wind shielded atomisers the Mankar system can still apply herbicide in conditions where conventional sprayers would have to stop, extending the weather windows of operation and making the system even more cost effective.

Jonathan Carr, Technical manager of Spray-CDA noted that in 30 years experience of contracting and supplying herbicides, there has never been a spray system for weed control on highways that even remotely offers the savings in labour, chemical and reduced environmental impact that the Highways Weedmaster ATV system can offer.  For more information on this innovative system and other low volume products that save labour and chemical, contact Jonathan on 07973 621750 or 01952 897912 or email joncarr@amenity.co.uk

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