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East Staffordshire Borough Council report a successful first season using the Spray CDA Highways Weedmaster ATV…

East Staffordshire Borough Council report a successful first season using the Spray CDA Highways Weedmaster ATV…

East Staffordshire Borough Council purchased a Highways Weedmaster ATV ULV in March 2014 from SprayCDA. Their primary need was to replace an old conventional quadbike that they have previously been using, with the requirement to cut labour hours, save on water and save on chemical usage.

The Street Cleaning Division have just completed their first season using the revolutionary Highways Weedmaster ATV and have been impressed by the herbicide reduction, labour, and overall cost savings achieved. The patented segment rotary atomiser allows for the neat application of Roundup Pro Biactive 450 at 2 litres per hectare, reducing the total water\herbicide volume applied to just 1% of a conventional system. The Local Authority reports that the use of the Highways Weedmaster has enabled them to keep on top of their spraying programme through the reduction in time wasted during refilling operation. The system has also offered considerable savings in herbicide, water and fuel. Darrell Scott, Operations Manager for East Staffordshire Borough Council states that “Because the Weedmaster applies neat RPB450 at only 2 litre/ha we are using 50% less herbicide, covering twice as much area and being much more productive than using a water based system due to the fact that there is no constant refilling with water”

Spray CDA focuses on low volume application of herbicides utilising either Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) or Ultra Low Volume (ULV) technology. These application systems allow the user to greatly reduce both chemical application rates and time spent tank mixing. This has the benefit of reducing overall chemical and labour costs as well as assisting with compliance of the European Framework Pesticides Directive which aims to reduce the amount of pesticides in the environment.

This is especially important in public areas where it is harder to control who or what may come into contact with the pesticides after they have been sprayed. SprayCDA – a division of Maxwell Amenity Ltd, are the sole appointed UK distributer of the renowned Mankar ULV spray systems. SprayCDA’s engineers are able to custom build ULV or CDA spraying rigs for fitting onto a range of ATV’s and Mini Tractors at the company’s workshops in Telford.

ULV systems are approved for use with Roundup Pro Biactive 450 only, a herbicide which has the highest levels of performance and safety.

Pictured: SprayCDA’s Sales Director John Riggall with Street Cleansing Operations Manager Darrel Scott.

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