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Mankar is a simple, efficient and highly cost effective method of controlling weeds. The lances themselves are simple and easy to use. Maintenance is straight forward and done in minutes. In short there is no other option as Mankar ticks all the right boxes, every time.

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Japanese Knotweed at Low Volume

There has been a lot of noise about Japanese Knotweed in the press this week with the news that the Government seeks to introduce fines and even ASBOs if people fail to control Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species. People could be fined up to £2,500 and business up to £20,000 as a result of the new rules. Japanese Knotweed along with a number of other invasive non-native species has long been subject to legislation, it is covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which makes it an offence to plant it or allow it to spread into the wild.

Japanese Knotweed is a serious problem in the UK, it spreads through propagation and grows from a rhizome which means that if the plant is cut or mown and the soil is disturbed or moved it spreads the problem further. The plant spreads rapidly and has been known to grow through tarmac and even manage to find its way under footings and up into houses meaning that it is hitting the headlines due to the negative effect it can have on property prices and the cost of eradication but it can be effectively controlled. Although biological control is becoming a reality and it can be removed through excavation and mechanical means the truth remains that for the majority of people the cheapest, most reliable method and suitable method of control is through the use of herbicides.

At Spray CDA we are always looking for low volume methods of weed control which reduce pesticide volumes, save water and make the job easier and safer for the operative. Stem injection is a very efficient way of controlling Japanese Knotweed, it also has the advantage of being a low volume, direct application method of control. The herbicide is injected directly into the stem of the knotweed, there is no spray drift, no cumbersome equipment to handle and minimal risk of the operator becoming contaminated as they try to spray a plant which frequently grows in excess of 2 metres tall. The Injector Dos stem injection kit was designed with Japanese Knotweed control in mind; it delivers a measured dose directly into the stem and gives excellent results.

To find out more about stem injection and other low volume methods of control call one of the Spray CDA team on 01952 897414.


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