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Amenity – Best Practice

Amenity - Best Practice Pesticide ApplicationThe use of pesticides in the community plays a key role in enhancing our quality of life, for example by preserving the visual appeal of our parks and open spaces, by improving the quality of our sports pitches and golf courses, and by maintaining the safety of our road and rail networks.

This PDF booklet provides an explanatory guide to the use of pesticides in the community, and an introduction to Best Practice for users in the amenity sector.

Pesticides play an important role in keeping our amenity areas clean, safe and accessible. The amenity industry has worked to establish Best Practice for pesticide use, to ensure products are applied in a responsible manner.

For further details regarding the requirements of pesticide use, refer to the Code of Practice for using Plant protection Products or visit www.pesticides.gov.uk. Before any pesticide is applied, there must be an evaluation of whether control is really required. Setting clear and realistic management objectives for each site is the key to effective control of amenity vegetation.

Amenity – Best Practice Pesticide Use