Spray CDA

The Mankar we have gets used nearly every day on our Estate and it’s a super tool in our weed prevention programme. It’s good for accurate general spraying but we like the Mankar for spraying around the base of our Christmas trees.

The Mankar gives a good accurate spray of Glyphosate 100% of the time without having to trudge back and forth to refill it with water.

Sean Edwards, Halifax Estates

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Local Environment Risk Assessment for Pesticides

All plant protection products are classified under the LERAP scheme in the statutory box that is featured on the label. LERAP applies to all boom spraying applications within amenity or agriculture that occur near water or water courses (i.e. ditches).

The three LERAP classifications are:

A 5 metre buffer zone required – Not eligible for reduction.
B 5 metre buffer zone required but can be reduced with LERAP measures.
C No buffer zone required.

A sample LERAP record form is available to download here (PDF) and further information can be obtained at the Health and Safety Executive LERAP page.