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The WeedMaster is very cost effective & environmentally friendly. Because of the extremely low herbicide output, WeedMaster reduces our herbicide use by 50% & we will cover much more ground because there is no constant refilling with water.

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Pesticide Storage

Pesticide Storage

Safe storage of pesticide is a legal requirement for all professional users of pesticide product.

The Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products features comprehensive guidelines and requirements for legal compliance for the safe storage of pesticide products. The Health & Safety Executive issued advice sheet, AIS16 entitled ‘Guidance on Storing Pesticides for Farmers and other Professional Users’.

Maxwell Amenity employ a team of BASIS registered Store Keepers. Pesticides are stored on our 2.5HA site, within a regularly inspected and bunded pesticide storage facility. Guidance on safe storage of pesticide for suppliers is featured in the Code of Practice for Suppliers of Pesticides to Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry, known as the Yellow Code.

Maxwell Amenity offer a range of compliant solutions for the safe storage and transport of pesticide products, see chemical storage.

For information or advice regarding the safe storage of pesticides, contact our technical helpline 01952 897414.

All pesticide products must be stored safely and securely and in their original container, with the product label attached. If a pesticide has been mixed, it should be used as soon as possible.

Nomix Enviro provides a complete range of storage solutions, which are all leak-proof and secure:

Chemical Safes

Chemical Stores

Fuel Stores

  • Do not have unapproved pesticides in your store
  • Use the oldest stock first
  • Keep an up to date stock record and keep a coy away from the store, in case of emergency
  • Ensure all products are adequately labelled and secure
  • Make sure the store is of adequate capacity and is well ventilated
  • Pesticide stores should be secure at all times
  • If the store is in a vehicle, it should be fixed to the vehicle and a barrier between the store and the driver
  • Have written procedures for spillages, emergencies and disposal
  • Ensure pesticides are always stored away from water courses and areas liable to flooding
  • Store granular or powder products above liquid products