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Our attention was drawn to the Mankar units because they are capable of outputting the minimum amount of herbicide needed. Today, the combination of Mankar ULV technology and Roundup ProBiactive 450 is our preferred method of weed control along footpaths and around housing blocks, trails, trash bins, benches, signposts and traffic lights throughout the entire city centre of Coventry. The process is safe, effective and easy to implement. It leads to higher productivity and lower costs as work times and herbicide consumption are significantly reduced.

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Sustainable Use Directive

The Sustainable Use Directive (Directive 2009/128/EC) was introduced on the 18 July 2012 and transposed in the UK through the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012. The directive is intended to set high and uniform requirements for good practice in the use of pesticides.

The ‘Sustainable Use Directive’ includes a number of provisions that focus on achieving the sustainable use of pesticides through reducing risks and impacts on human health and the environment. These include: the establishment of National Action Plans; compulsory testing of application equipment; provision of training for, and arrangements for the certification of, operators, advisors and distributors; a ban (subject to limited exceptions) on aerial spraying; provisions to protect water, public spaces and conservation areas; the minimisation of risks from handling, storage and disposal; and the promotion of low input regimes (including Integrated Pest Management (IPM)). Progress is to be measured through the use of ‘risk indicators’.

The Regulations maintain the UK’s existing requirement for those who work with pesticides to hold a certificate. All existing certificates will be recognised under the new regulations until 26 November 2013, after which certain certificates relating to training in the use of vertebrate control products or for food storage purposes will no longer be valid. See the list of recognised certificates that are valid until 26 November 2013. Anyone who has one of these certificates will be meeting their obligations under the new Regulations. The list will be updated before 26 November 2013 to specifically list those vertebrate control/food storage certificates that will continue to be recognised after that date.

For those who work with plant protection products who may be affected by the regulations a short guidance note is available.

An Impact Assessment of regulations contained within the ‘Sustainable Use Directive’ is available.

For further information related visit the government page for the Sustainable Use Directive.

Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012

The sustainable use directive