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The Mankar we have gets used nearly every day on our Estate and it’s a super tool in our weed prevention programme. It’s good for accurate general spraying but we like the Mankar for spraying around the base of our Christmas trees.

The Mankar gives a good accurate spray of Glyphosate 100% of the time without having to trudge back and forth to refill it with water.

Sean Edwards, Halifax Estates

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New Release! Mankar HQ 1L Bottle Lance

New Release! Mankar HQ 1L Bottle Lance

Introducing a new addition to the Mankar HQ range designed with professional users in mind.

New for 2014, Mantis ULV have updated their Mankar HQ Lance with the addition of a 1 litre bottle and armrest. These small changes double the amount of spraying you can do between refills and make the already lightweight Mankar HQ even more comfortable to use for extended periods making this the ideal lance for commercial and professional users. As with the other models in the Mankar Carry range the HQ features patented segment rotary atomiser technology ensuring even, uniform spray pattern, minimal drift and exceptional results at low herbicide rates. The system also benefits from an LED battery light monitor to ensure the user can easily see that the lance is operating correctly, variable spray hood for flexibility and a hood cover to protect the atomiser and ensure that no herbicide can leak out. The intelligent design and robust construction the Mankar range give outstanding reliability and value for money.

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