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Out and About in Chichester – Gro South 2014

We’ve had a busy week here at Spray CDA with the HDC / IPPS Fargro Study Day on Tuesday followed by the GroSouth event at Roundstone Nurseries just outside Chichester and a presentation to a group of Students involved in Grow Careers.

Vicki from the Spray CDA team attended the Study Day hosted by Hills Nurseries, Vitacress Herbs and Roundstone Nurseries where we were given tours and shown the latest in state of the art irrigation, glasshouses and biological controls. We then presented a number of technical demonstrations to the assembled crowd on ULV technology before heading over to the Chichester Park Hotel for a series of seminars on LED technology, the effect of light on plant growth and pesticide best practice.

The following day we met with a group of students just starting their careers in Horticulture as part of the Grow Careers initiative to share our experiences and discuss the various opportunities and areas of expertise open to them within the Horticultural Industry before spending the day demonstrating the latest Mankar ULV models at the GroSouth 2014 exhibition at Roundstone Nurseries.

Well Done to GroSouth, Fargro, HDC, IPPS and Grow Careers for a great event!

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