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The WeedMaster is very cost effective & environmentally friendly. Because of the extremely low herbicide output, WeedMaster reduces our herbicide use by 50% & we will cover much more ground because there is no constant refilling with water.

Steve Miller, Eastleigh Council

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CDA WeedMaster-ATV

Capable of spraying all day with no need to stop to find or pay for water. Increase your labour productivity by at least 50%  and halve your chemical usage at a stroke! Applies Roundup ProBiactive® 450 herbicide at just 2 L/Ha with patented low drift technology for superb results.

No other system comes within a country mile for cost effectiveness and environmental pesticide reductions to meet EU Sustainable Use Directive objectives!  Cleared for use in water buffer zones in Holland as no drift.

Quick Look/Features

Two adjustable low volume Mankar ULV spray hoods with spring back and fold back pivots to allow contact with obstacles.  Hoods are adjustable for height by electric ram and sideways on manual slide bar. Can spray strips or spot spray either side of the ATV or a joined up 1.2 metres across the whole width.  Controls turn on left, right or both hoods individually or together.  Patented vertical controlled droplet atomizers eliminate spray drift, with added bristle wind shields and hoods so that work can continue safely in most wind conditions, increasing labour productivity.

  • Hands free thumb operated handlebar master spray on/off control switch.
  • Warning beacon
  • Hand wash facility.
  • Sealed and lockable high quality chemical storage box.
  • CDA hand lance with ergonomic wrist support that applies Bayer CDA Vanquish® biactive glyphosate.
  • Kawasaki KVF300 ATV with exceptionally good turning circle and minimal arm strain for good maneuverability and compact size. Automatic clutch and gears for total ease of use.
  • Full road legal kit including lights, indicators and registration plate.

For more information on the Kawasaki KVF300 ATV, please click here.


“We had great weed control with the Highways Weedmaster ATV. The overall weed control was the best we’ve known especially on the difficult cobbled streets, where we usually struggle using knapsacks.”

Derek Pettitt, Contract Manager (Cleansing) Kier MG, Bristol.

Videos of the Weedmaster ATV Street Sprayer

For more information or to enquire about purchasing, please call 01952 897414.