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The Mankar we have gets used nearly every day on our Estate and it’s a super tool in our weed prevention programme. It’s good for accurate general spraying but we like the Mankar for spraying around the base of our Christmas trees.

The Mankar gives a good accurate spray of Glyphosate 100% of the time without having to trudge back and forth to refill it with water.

Sean Edwards, Halifax Estates

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Glutton Vacuum

Glutton Vacuum HeaderGlutton Vacuum

Quick Look/Features of the Glutton® Vacuum

The Glutton® vacuum cleaner collects all waste from the ground in cities and on industrial sites. It has become impossible to keep pavements, roads, alleyways, parks, tree gratings, markets, factories, workshops, car parks, halls, rooms, docks, stations, etc. clean using a broom.

Glutton® sucks up cigarette butts, cigarettes, cans, bottles, dog waste, dead leaves, and wood, steel or aluminium cuttings.

Wherever it goes, Glutton® improves well-being and cleanliness whilst enhancing the work of maintenance teams and boosting their efficiency.

Reliable & Robust

Glutton® was designed to a very strict specification, guaranteeing long machine life and effective suction of all waste able to fit through a 125 mm diameter.

Ergonomic & Easy To Use

The Glutton® is very user-friendly and easy to handle. It is an effective tool, providing added value and motivation to the work of maintenance teams.

Weed Killing Option

The Glutton vacuum is now available with an Easy Spray Wanderer CDA sprayer, enabling litter collectors to spot spray unwanted weed growth – Two jobs in one!

Applying just 5L of Bayer’s CDA Vanquish herbicide can treat up to 18 kilometers of spot weed control with no water required, so no down time in use.


Several passive and active safety features keep the machine operator and his immediate environment safe.

Other safety features:

  • Audible reversing signal and horn
  • Electromagnetic brake activated on absence of current
  • Turbine motor cutoff at 80% battery discharge level
  • Reflective strips on the container
  • Power and control circuit fuses
  • The machine can be safely moved by freewheeling without the motor
  • Extinguisher

Environment Friendly

100% electric, silent, and does not release dust into the atmosphere, the Glutton® improves cleanliness whilst respecting the environment.

Details of the Glutton® Vacuum

  • Suction – Equipped with an anti-clogging grid to prevent blockage by plastic bags, dead leaves, etc.
  • Wheels – Puncture-proof, eight-ply, industrial quality.
  • Filling batteries with water – Centralised by a completed kit, included with the purchase of the Glutton®.
  • Drive shaft – Incorporating the electromagnetic brake.
  • Width – Maximum overall width of 75cm (= width of a household door) for optimum use.
  • Discharge level – Continuous visibility of the remaining energy level and built-in time counter.
  • Motors and voltage – Motor with at least 1.5 kW to drive the machine and at least 1.5 kW suction power. Voltage: 48 volts.
  • Suction pipe – 125-mm diameter carbon pipe with flexible, wear-resistant shoe, total weight less than 1.3 kg.
  • Chassis – Very durable, machine-welded and electrogalvanized (with some stainless steel parts).
  • Machine travel – Possible and safe, freewheeling, without the motor.
  • Pipe handle – Adjustable (elbow support, height, tilt angle) and equipped with a special dog waste and tree grating booster (only on Glutton® 2411).
  • Maximum weight of the vacuum cleaner – 365 kg in operating configuration.
  • Speed of travel – Variable and adjustable by tilting the machine handle: 0 to 6 km/h forward travel, and 0 to 3 km/h in reverse.
  • Filter – 18 M2 dust filter for waste vacuuming, filtration index EU 8: catches 99.999% of particles larger than 0.5 micron.
  • Machine power-to-weight ratio (W/kg) – Greater than 4.1 watts/kg.
  • Control arm – Ergonomic, ambidextrous, equipped with an automatic dead-man’s safety system with pinch-prevention and crush-prevention features (machine automatically reverses if the operator is trapped after an operating error).
  • Suction pipe stowage – Near the handle, without making the machine wider.
  • Acoustic pressure – Sound level: 55dB(A) at 4m during operation.

For more information or to enquire about purchasing, please call 01952 897414.