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We love the Mankar ULV, it’s cost effective, saves herbicide & we get through more spraying than using knapsacks.

Steve Ranford, Veolia ES, Warwick

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Pavement Kerb Sprayer (PKS)

Pavement Kerb Sprayer (PKS) HeaderPavement Kerb Sprayer (PKS)

Quick Look/Features of the Easy Spray PKS

  • Ideal for overall spray programmes but especially to achieve higher standards (e.g. for Britain in Bloom) to complement existing weed control programmes, or as a ‘spot’ tidy up operation between main applications of herbicide.
  • The herbicide is applied by automatically calibrated Controlled Droplet Application (CDA).
  • With the EasySpray CDA® unit from SprayCDA, there is very low risk of environmental hazards such as spray drift and over-dosing.
  • Public attention is not drawn to the spraying operation, as sweeping is usually taking place at the same time.
  • Bayer Environmental Science herbicide CDA Vanquish® Biactive used in the PKS Pavement Sprayer is non-irritant and environmentally the safest available under COSHH regulations.

Details – Easy Spray PKS

EasySpray CDA® PKS is an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly way of keeping on top of recurring weed growth problems along the kerbs and edges of roadways.  PKS stands for Pavements and Kerbs Sprayer, because the system can be adapted to both situations according to specification.Because it combines labour already being paid for and the vehicle running costs are already covered in the sweeping operation, the only added cost is just herbicide, so it is highly cost effective.  Because sweeping is a far more frequent operation compared to expensive separate weed control applications, you can keep repeated flushes of germinating weeds at bay before the complaints flood in! So it improves standards and gives managers more control over the weed problem, while reducing costs.  The system is most effective along roadway kerbs and gullies by tackling the area that generates 80% of unsightly weed growth, so other methods are still needed to tackle the 20% along back edges, around obstacles or where most sweepers cannot obtain access.  We recommend pedestrian methods of Mankar ULV hand lances, Mankar wheeled sprayers or ATV mounted ULV low volume application equipment which Spray-CDA specialises in, as these also cut labour costs and herbicide use dramatically.

How Does EasySpray CDA® PKS Work?CDA Vanquish

The PKS System can be fitted to almost any make and model of road sweeper from compact pavement models to large road sweepers.  It contains a 5 litre bottle of Bayer’s CDA Vanquish® biactive glyphosate herbicide which the operator can spot apply onto any visible weed growth and one pack can treat 5,500square metres.  This means that a bottle will treat approximately 17 kilometres of continuous kerb edge at a setting of 30cm width.  In practice, because weed growth is never continuous, many more kilometres are spot sprayed per pack.

A control panel in the cab has a large illuminated on/off spray button that illuminates when activated. A spray arm or in some cases two spray arms can be adjusted to the correct height and distance to target the kerb, gulley or back edge strip. Operators need NPTC certificates of competence to use a vehicle mounted sprayer and 10 minutes equipment training. Spray-CDA can provide both of these through our training services division. The system automatically primes when switched on and cleans itself when switched off so is very reliable and trouble free. We have users still using systems that are 8 years old and the system has been in use about 15 years now.

Reducing Pesticide Volumes and Saving Money using the EasySpray CDA® PKS System

The EasySpray CDA® PKS system is a real money saver.  It also cuts pesticide use.  Bayer’s CDA Vanquish® Biactive herbicide is applied at a reduced application rate of 9 litres per hectare (Used to be 15 L/Ha) which helps meet EU Sustainable Use of Pesticide Directive targets and because it is a spot spraying system, only areas with weed growth that need treatment need spray.

Operators using this equipment will save about 20 minutes a day in set up, calibration and washing out time compared to the only main alternative machine available.  Their calibration is also pre-set so leaves no room for them getting it wrong.

The big savings however come from the simple fact that labour costs and vehicle running expenses are already paid for in the sweeping operation, so the cost of spraying is only chemical used, typically under £2 per kilometre of kerb edge or back edge sprayed.  Another PKS saving, loved by operators, is the 20 minutes time or so saved at each day’s end by the automatic washing system.  With any other system it is necessary to waste time changing bottles over, reversing chemical and flushing with cleaner manually.  Too often that corner is cut, leading to breakdowns and poor reliability. With EasySpray PKS it is an automatic and non-optional function of switching off the system.


The Pavement and Kerb Sprayer (PKS) system from Spray CDA complemented our existing weed removal methods and will now help us combat weed growth in road channels. The sweeper drivers have had training provided by Spray CDA and using the PKS system has not caused any hold ups to the daily operation of the sweeper as it is quite straightforward to use, with no specialist skill or knowledge required.”

Tim Weston, Streetcare Assistant Manager (Cleansing & Patrol) Operational Services, Epson & Ewell Borough Council

Technical Information – Easy Spray PKS

For use with CDA Vanquish®

Easy Spray PKS Manual (PDF)
Easy Spray PKS
Easy Spray PKS Brochure (PDF)
Easy Spray PKS
Easy Spray PKS Instructions (PDF)
Changing the Pump Head

Videos – Easy Spray PKS

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