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Mankar is a simple, efficient and highly cost effective method of controlling weeds. The lances themselves are simple and easy to use. Maintenance is straight forward and done in minutes. In short there is no other option as Mankar ticks all the right boxes, every time.

Joshua Brady, Wyre Forest District Council

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Micron InjectorDos Pro

Micron InjectorDos Pro

Quick Look/Features of the InjectorDos Pro

Specifically designed for eliminating invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Horsetail, the InjectorDos Pro provides an effective and safe way to treat weeds in places where spray applicators are unsuitable.

  • Lightweight design, simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Stainless steel framework to provide extra robustness and durability
  • Sharp robust needle delivers herbicide right to the centre of the stem
  • “Dial-in” facility allows adjustment and control dispensed volume
  • Liquid supply can be easily shut off using an in-line tap
  • A finer second needle included for treating re-growth

Details of the Microfit Pro CDA Spray Lance

Thanks to its non-spray design, no liquid is lost to the environment making it a safe and effective means of treating weeds in places adjoined by sensitive areas (e.g. close to watercourses) or where adjacent foliage needs to be preserved and spray applicators are unsuitable.

Ideal for weeds with hollow stems such as Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica), the applicator is typically used with glyphosate-based herbicide which is injected into the stems. The injection should be administered between the second and third node, generally using a one shot dose of 2ml of undiluted herbicide.

The applicator comes complete with:

  • A regular needle for initial treatments
  • A fine needle for treating re-growth
  • One litre backpack

For use with glyphosate based products.

Technical Information for InjectorDos Pro

Weight: 475g (empty), 1475g (full)
Volume per shot: 0.1-2ml
Total Capacity: 1 litre

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