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Micron Microwipe

Micron Microwipe

Quick Look/Features of the Microwipe

The hand held Microwipe is a simple, safe, and economical way of spot treating weeds. Ideal for use in areas that have a localised weed problem and in situations where using conventional spraying equipment may be difficult or hazardous or subject to preventative legislation.

  • Specifically designed for the selective application of systemic herbicides
  • Minimal water requirement
  • Ideal for treating sensitive areas
  • No contamination of soil or risk of drift
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Available in straight, angled or double head options

Details of the Microwipe

The all-plastic construction consists of a reservoir inside the handle that transfers the herbicide by gravity to a nylon-rope wick. The concentrated herbicide within the Microwipe is applied only to those plants that the rope wick comes into contact with. By swiping the Microwipe over the leaves of a weed, a small dose of herbicide is transferred to the target weed only, ensuring surrounding plants remain uncontaminated.

For use with glyphosate based products.

Technical Information for Microwipe

Capacity: 0.21L
Hand material: Clear Plastic
Wick material: Nylon
Seals: Viton
Weight: 0.35kg

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