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A fantastic bit of kit that is in use by all sorts of staff day in and day out. You can give it to a ring-tailed monkey to walk up and down all day and the weeds will be dead but the plants OK.

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Hand-held units for the highest degree of flexibility

The hand-held MANKAR® models are well suited for deployment in areas of dense cultivation, areas where regular rows have not been planted, or anyplace where, due to surface properties, a high degree of flexibility is needed.

Metering takes place by manual adjustment of the metering valve, depending on the herbicide being used. Herbicide travels by gravitational force from the tank to the nozzle via the valve. The nozzle is activated by the push of a button, meaning that spray is actuated only where needed. In order to achieve a uniform apportioning per unit of surface area (e.g. l/ha), the anticipated walking speed must be considered when adjusting the valve and the output must be held as constant as possible.

Spray widths are available from 20 to 50 cm. On some units, the spray width can be infinitely adjusted by rotating the spray hood.

Particular advantages:

  • Very lightweight and thus gentle on the back
  • Fits into any car
  • Well balanced
  • Minimised risk to close-standing cultivated plants, such as in a flower-bed
  • The working width of the MANKAR HQ is infinitely adjustable by rotation of the spray hood
  • A battery charge is sufficient for approx. 8 hrs, so that even a long workday can be covered without a problem