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We love the Mankar ULV, it’s cost effective, saves herbicide & we get through more spraying than using knapsacks.

Steve Ranford, Veolia ES, Warwick

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Mounted units for large area application

The units for mounting or attachment are suited to deployment over large areas, such as in orchards and vineyards, as well as in-row cultivation and puplic parks. The essential features distinguishing the different models are:

The number, width and configuration of the spray hoods:

Spray hoods, including their spray widths, number and configuration, are adapted according to the area of application, such as for narrow strip spraying along rows or for complete coverage of wide pathways.

Herbicide metering:

Metering takes place by means of wheel-driven or electric-driven pumps.

Mounting or attachement options:

Models are available for front- and rear-mounting, exlusively for front- or for rear-mounting, as well as models for simple attachment.

Extension width or working width of the extension arm:

Differing, mostly variable extension widths are available.