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Mankar is a simple, efficient and highly cost effective method of controlling weeds. The lances themselves are simple and easy to use. Maintenance is straight forward and done in minutes. In short there is no other option as Mankar ticks all the right boxes, every time.

Joshua Brady, Wyre Forest District Council

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Wheelbarrow units for comfortable handling in row cultivations

Because the spray systems in the MANKAR®-Roll group are pushed like wheelbarrows, they are very nicely suited to handling large areas of in-row cultivation, for example, as well as pathways and plazas with water-bound surfaces. Up-slope and down-slope gradients are no problem thanks to the low unit weights.

In 2014 the new MANKAR-TWO and MANKAR-ONE models have been introduced. Like in the former MANKAR-P and -GP models the patented segment rotation atomiser and a wheeldriven pump ensure the path-dependent, exact and economical metering of herbicides.

The spray hoods and many of their functionalities are new. There are three spray hoods with various spray widths which can cover spray widths between 25 and 110 cm, depending on the combination and alignment of spray hoods. The assembly of the spray hoods can be either behind or in front of the wheel. Extension arms are also available. The spray hoods flap back if they touch an obstacle and thus the spray width is adapted automatically, e.g. if one would like to spray also in the row between the cultivated plants. Alternatively the spray hoods can be fixated if the flapping mechanism is undesirable.

All new MANKAR-Roll models have an electronic atomiser and battery monitoring which confirms the correct function by a green glowing LED. It glows yellow if the battery is low and red if there is a problem at the atomiser. There is also a well visible flow view. The narrow wheel with a diameter of 53 cm is suitable also for uneven terrain and at the same time keeps the machine short and agile.