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A fantastic bit of kit that is in use by all sorts of staff day in and day out. You can give it to a ring-tailed monkey to walk up and down all day and the weeds will be dead but the plants OK.

Barry Proctor

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Article number: 103903
Spray width: 70-110cm
Weight: 24kg

The new MANKAR-TWO models have a wheel-driven pump, so that metering is dependent on the distance travelled (path-dependent) and not on the speed of forward motion. In contrast to the previous MANKAR-Roll sprayers the new models have a one size slim wheel of 53 cm which is also suited to rough surfaces but nevertheless keeps the sprayer small and agile.

The MANKAR-TWO models have two nozzles. For the new FLEX-series there are 3 standard spray hoods available with spray widths of 25, 40 or 55 cm. They can be differently combined and optionally mounted either in front of or behind the wheel. Mounting on a lateral extension arm is also possible. The spray hood fold back upon contact with an obstacle so that the spray width is automatically adjusted.

All spray hoods are shaped so that, for example, drooping branches glide perfectly and without risk to the crop over the spray hood. This folding mechanism and thus the spray width can be fixed if the flex-mechanism is not wanted, e.g. because the spray hood should push away branches instead of dodging them.

The MANKAR-ONE and MANKAR-TWO models have a battery and motor monitoring with LED which confirmed the correct function of the sprayer: the LED glows green if the sprayer s operating correctly, if the battery has to be recharged it glows yellow and a red glowing LED means that the function of the atomiser has to be checked and – if necessary – recovered. The flow control allows a visual check of the flowrate. Hoses and cables run inside the frame so that they can’t get stuck anywhere.

The MANKAR-TWO models have two spray hoods whith each one nozzle which can be mounted side by side in front of or behind the wheel.

Technical Details
Number of atomisers 2
Metering Wheel-driven pump
Tank capacity 1 litre
Coverage Up to 1 ha
Working time 8h