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A fantastic bit of kit that is in use by all sorts of staff day in and day out. You can give it to a ring-tailed monkey to walk up and down all day and the weeds will be dead but the plants OK.

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Mankar-E 70-110 Select

Mankar-E 70-110 Select

Quick Look/Features of the Mankar-E 70-110 Select

  • The comfortable ‘Mankar-Roll’ range are well suited for in-row cultivation as well as pathways and plazas with hard paved surfaces.
  • Spraying takes place by means of a pump which is driven by the spraying system’s wheel. Which every turn of the wheel a set amount of herbicide is released, meaning you can go as slow or fast as you like and the same volume of herbicide per m² will be released.
  • The Select versions offer electric pumps which allowing spot spraying.
  • Herbicide travels by gravity from the tank to the nozzle via the valve.
  • A single battery charge is sufficient for approximately 8-16 hours!
  • Spray widths are available from 30 to 110cm.

Details of the Mankar-E 70-110 Select

As the Mankar-E 70-110 Select’s pump is continuously conveying herbicide, the output is controlled by two solenoid valves, which convey the substance either to the nozzles or back to the tank.

The Mankar-E 70-110 Select is suited to areas of application in which uniform metering is required, independent of the walking speed, yet where application must be stopped frequently and/or over long stretches of the pathway.

Mankar-E 70-110 Select on WeedsThe Mankar-E 70-110 Select’s unique system applies Roundup Pro Biactive 450 neat at 1L/Ha, however, due to output occurring only when the button is depressed, a much larger surface area can be covered with one tank, saving well over 50% compared to conventional sprayers as well as reducing labour and pesticide use and cost. The additional environmental benefits speak for themselves!

The Mankar-E 70-110 Select has two Segment Rotary Nozzle and can hold 1000ml of neat Roundup Pro Biactive 450 which is enough chemical to treat up to 10,000 square metres. The Mankar-E 70-110 Select’s battery is rechargeable and will work for 8 hours. The complete unit weighs only 17kg.

Why Choose Mankar Sprayers over Conventional Sprayers?

Mankar-E 70-110 Select on hard surfaces

  • Mankar Spraying Systems Require No Water or Dilution! – Eliminating the need to be near a water source and walk long distances to refill the spray tank.
  • Mankar Spraying Systems Weigh Considerably Less! – Most of the weight in knapsack sprayers are water. On average 15kg of water-weight is saved per refill in the Mankar Spraying Systems which only weigh around 3.4kg fully filled!
  • Five Times the Coverage Rate of Roundup when compared with a Knapsack Sprayer! – Ultra Low Volume Droplet Application (ULV) technology vastly improves coverage rates by producing much smaller, very uniform liquid droplets.
  • Mankar Spraying Systems will Pay For Themselves! – Due to the increased coverage rates and no water refilling time the money saved on herbicide and labour will pay off the Sprayer in only a few weeks of use!
  • Virtually No Spray Drift! – Mankar Spray Shields combined with Mankar’s ULV technology means spray drift is virtually eliminated, meaning spraying around cultivated plants and water is easily possible.
Technical Information of the Mankar-E 70-110 Select

For use with Roundup Pro Biactive 450

Spray width 70 – 110cm
No. of nozzles 2
Metering Wheel-driven pump
Tank capacity 1000ml (1L)
Area covered selective
Weight 17.0kg
Working time 8 hours

For more information or to enquire about purchasing, please call 01952 897414.