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We love the Mankar ULV, it’s cost effective, saves herbicide & we get through more spraying than using knapsacks.

Steve Ranford, Veolia ES, Warwick

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ULV Weedmaster-ATV

ULV Weedmaster-ATV

SprayCDA engineer and design custom built, low volume spraying systems for ATV’s, compact tractors and utility vehicles. The spray systems feature ultra low volume Mankar ULV spray technology with the additional option to fit CDA hand lances where required.

There are a number of substantial benefits and merits for operators looking to fit SprayCDA systems on to ATV’s, compact tractors and utility vehicles. The application of neat herbicide through ULV systems ensures considerable time and cost savings. Operators can administer herbicide through a fitted ULV system without having to stop, find and pay for standpipe water. Application trials through this system meet new environmental standards imposed by the ‘EU Sustainable Pesticides Directive’ by enabling narrow band spot spraying of kerbs and back edges using just half normal herbicide application rates.

SprayCDA can adapt and supply most types of ATV’s, compact tractors or utility vehicles fitted with low volume application systems. If you are interested in a quote for a low volume spraying system and vehicle or wish to enquire about having your current fleet adapted to include a system, contact the SprayCDA team on 01952 897414.

For use with Roundup Pro Biactive 450

For more information or to enquire about purchasing, please call 01952 897414.

More Images of Mankar ULV ATV and Mini-Tractors

Mankar ULV Custom Built ATV

Mankar ULV Custom Built ATV

Mankar ULV Custom Built ATV

Fitted ULV System

Unima City without Weed Sensor

Unima City With Weed Sensor