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Our attention was drawn to the Mankar units because they are capable of outputting the minimum amount of herbicide needed. Today, the combination of Mankar ULV technology and Roundup ProBiactive 450 is our preferred method of weed control along footpaths and around housing blocks, trails, trash bins, benches, signposts and traffic lights throughout the entire city centre of Coventry. The process is safe, effective and easy to implement. It leads to higher productivity and lower costs as work times and herbicide consumption are significantly reduced.

Tim Fox, English Landscapes

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Hand Held CDA Sprayers

Riverlynx Hand Held CDA Sprayers - Environmentally Friendly Spraying

The Eliminator and Eradicator CDA lance system offers a labour efficient and environmentally friendly way of applying CDA Vanquish glyphosate or several other herbicide options, such as propysamide and some other residual products using EcoMark CDA carrier.

These lances with pumped delivery of herbicide give highly accurate automatic calibration, a clearly visible spray pattern of white spots, greatly reduce the potential for spray drift and because they are pumped will apply herbicide uphill or onto tall weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, bracken, brambles, etc that gravity fed lances cannot tackle.

Their circular spray pattern is also ideal for ring spraying around obstacles or trees for mowing margins or similar weed free zones. A 5L pack of CDA Vanquish can cover around 5,000 square metres or about 16 kilometres of 30cm back edges, fence lines or kerbs continuously sprayed, but far more when spot spraying only weed growth as is now required, which makes the system very cost effective. It is lightweight, nicely balanced and effortless to use.