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Mantis ULV Sprayers

Mantis ULV sprayer Head UnitMantis ULV sprayer atomisers apply extremely low doses of oils, releasing agents or chemicals very accurately and evenly.

Quick Look/Features of Mantis ULV Sprayers

  • Greatly improved quality of mouldings or castings with reduced surface damage
  • Reduced production losses and a better quality product
  • Large savings in releasing agents of up to 75%, which make this system self financing

The Mantis ULV system is used worldwide by leading producers in numerous industrial application processes, but with notable success in the production of high quality concrete mouldings, on construction concrete shuttering and in the baking industry to lubricate bread tins.

How Mantis ULV Sprayers Work

To enable concrete parts to be retracted easily from the moulds and to ensure smooth surfaces, releasing agent must be applied evenly to the moulds. There should be neither too much nor too little formwork oil in the mould in total or on individual spots on the mould. To achieve even distribution at a minimum application rate of the release agent, the formwork oil must be split into many droplets of the same size.

With the BL industrial atomiser from Mantis, it is possible to generate approx. 30 million even sized 40 micron droplets from 1 ml of liquid.

The rotary atomiser works without pressure, and the spray pattern is created by means of centrifugal force and using a specially developed atomiser disc. The droplets are deposited evenly on the surface of the mould by means of the vertical air stream generated by the rotation disc and gravity.

Application can be made by atomisers mounted over a moving production line or by the Mantis hand held BEMA sprayer for applications onto static targets such as concrete shuttering.

Technical Information of Mantis ULV Sprayers

For use with Roundup Pro Biactive 450

Mantis ULV Brochure (PDF)
Mantis ULV Brochure

For more information or to enquire about purchasing, please call 01952 897414.