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Recycle your old Riverlynx lances with Spray CDA

Spray CDA introduce our new lance recycling offer………….

Maybe yRiverlynx Resized-15ou have tried CDA in the past and have an old lance knocking about in the back of the workshop or your old lances are getting a little tired? If so why not take advantage of our recycling offer. We will buy back your old Riverlynx lance and give you a discount off a new Eliminator or Eradicator CDA Lance. We will offer up to £100 off the list price of a new lance when you part exchange your old one for recycling with us. The lance doesn’t even need to be working.

There are many reasons to give the Riverlynx Eradicator and Eliminator lances a go, they offer considerable labour savings over conventional spraying, are lightweight and extremely easy to calibrate and operate. They can be used in conjunction with Riverlynx Ecomark carrier and glyphosate or with premixed products such as Bayer CDA Vanquish Biactive to give excellent weed control.

If you are new to CDA or would like to try an alternative to conventional spraying then we have a range of offers available to enable you to try this improved technology including a low cost hire option. Riverlynx lances offer premium build quality, reliability and ease of use, when backed up by Spray CDA’s training, servicing and support packages, what have you got to lose (except the very heavy knapsack!)

If you would like to find out more about any of our great offers or have a chat with one of our team about the benefits of low volume spraying call us on 01952 897414 or email info@spraycda.com

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