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The WeedMaster is very cost effective & environmentally friendly. Because of the extremely low herbicide output, WeedMaster reduces our herbicide use by 50% & we will cover much more ground because there is no constant refilling with water.

Steve Miller, Eastleigh Council

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Pesticide Application Training PA1/PA6SprayCDA is able to offer a full range of professional training services for NPTC certificates of competence in pesticide applications for all modules needed, whether hand lance or machine mounted sprayers. This includes examination and certification by registered examiners.

In addition, and in our view of more commercial value to customers, we provide training courses in actually using the equipment we supply including calibration, maintenance and trouble shooting.

The benefits for customers are:

  • Reduced pesticide use caused by operators over calibrating and over applying low volume herbicides (Often by a factor of two to three times in our experience!)
  • Savings in down-time as operators know how to maintain equipment to prevent problems and know how to trouble shoot and sort out simple issues without having to waste the time of management or us as suppliers.
  • Greater operator and customer satisfaction with the product.
  • Better results on the ground in terms of weed control and accidental damage avoided.
  • A much higher success rate in introducing a new and very different way of carrying out weed control economically. Helps operators adapt to change.
  • Less ergonomic issues with operators.
  • Ability to self service equipment rather than having to pay to have it done & reduced maintenance costs by avoiding self inflicted costs such battery failures or seized motor heads, due to lack of knowhow and preventative maintenance.

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