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Spray CDA Reducing Pesticide Seminars

Spray CDA Reducing Pesticide Seminars

SprayCDA Seminars

Spray CDA recently held 2 very successful events aimed at promoting best practice and demonstrating strategies to reduce pesticide use without compromising weed control, aimed at local authorities, weed control contractors etc.

On 8th April at Walsall Football Club, John Moverley of the Amenity Forum gave a great presentation on the challenges faced by the industry. He outlined the changes brought about by changes in legislation such as the Sustainable Use Directive and the Water Framework Directive, alerted us to the Soil Framework Directive which could have yet more ramifications for the use of pesticides and stressed the need for an integrated approach to weed control.

Jonathan Carr of Spray CDA gave an overview of the numerous types of low volume products available along with their application methods demonstrating the various Ultra Low Volume systems available from Mankar along with the CDA systems on offer through the Riverlynx Handlance or Easyspray PKS sweeper mounted pavement and kerb spraying unit. AEBI Schmidt brought along their demonstrator Swingo 200 compact street sweeper which has the Easyspray PKS unit mounted on it and gave a demonstration of just how simple it can be to integrate weed control into street cleansing operations. Finally Colin Mumford the Technical Manager from Bayer UK gave a compelling talk detailing the cost and environmental savings which can be made through the use of CDA products such as CDA Vanquish Biactive.

John Moverley SprayCDA Seminars

Meanwhile on April 10th at Lingfield Park in Surrey the running order was much the same however Jan Hookey of the Environment Agency gave a talk on the importance of preventing pesticides from entering watercourses, I think all who were there would agreed that Jan’s talk was very informative and gave a new angle which many may not have considered previously. Key to all of the talks was the need to responsibly and efficiently use glyphosate within a weed control strategy, preventing misuse and safeguarding it for the future.

The events were well attended and the speakers generated plenty of interesting points which opened up some good dialogue between the delegates with the sweeper mounted Easyspray PKS demo unit being of particular interest.

Spray CDA intend to hold regular update seminars such as these throughout the year where we will showcase advances in the latest spraying technology and invite leading industry specialists in to give technical updates on legislation, products and best practice. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter please fill in your details in the Spraying Updates box at the bottom of the page.

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