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The Mankar we have gets used nearly every day on our Estate and it’s a super tool in our weed prevention programme. It’s good for accurate general spraying but we like the Mankar for spraying around the base of our Christmas trees.

The Mankar gives a good accurate spray of Glyphosate 100% of the time without having to trudge back and forth to refill it with water.

Sean Edwards, Halifax Estates

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Wonder Weed Control at Alton Town Council

Wonder Weed Control at Alton Town Council

Effective and economical weed control is a key consideration for councils that are tasked with looking after public areas. Alton Town Council Grounds Manager, Martin Sampson looked into the benefits of ULV application equipment compared to the conventional knapsack sprayers traditionally used by the council’s operatives. Martin was keen to see whether new systems offered application advantages and reduced pesticide use to meet new EU requirements under the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive.

Having contacted Jonathan Carr at SprayCDA, a specialist with over 20 years experience working with controlled droplet application and ultra low volume spray technology, Martin was recommended the council received a demonstration of a Mankar Mini Mantra unit. Having been shown a demonstration of the unit applying Roundup 450 with his team, Martin had no hesitation in placing an order and on its arrival, immediately put the Mankar into use.

According to Martin; “There were immediate benefits observed to our spraying by members of the team. With the Mankar Mini Mantra we did not have to mix any chemicals or calculate water volumes, just a simple two minute calibration before we started spraying. On completion of spraying there is a minimum amount of time spent cleaning the unit and from an end user’s and manual handling point of view it is so light to carry, not like having 15L of product in a knapsack sprayer on your back. Another major asset for the operator is the rotation of the head, it can spray targeted areas and avoid drift onto plants that you do not want the chemical to have contact with, especially in flower beds raised beds etc.”

The ULV spraying system installed in every Mankar model halves pesticide usage making application in line with reduction of pesticide as outlined in the ‘Sustainable Use Directive’ introduced on July the 18th 2012. According to Martin “using the Mini Mantra compared to a knapsack was saving on herbicide usage and hours in labour, whilst also enhancing the productivity of the team, a valued piece of equipment at a time when budgets are tight!!” We currently possess one unit but I plan to introduce more to our spraying team to hopefully stop the guys competing on who gets to use them.”

“Members of the public often get nervous when they see operators in white overalls, but what we have experienced is that the public are interested in the machine and as operators we are continually asked questions out of interest and the advantages of this method of application evoke a positive response. The Mankar Mini Mantra has been a success with our a ground staff and the general public.”

Martin summarises key advantages of using a Mankar as being user friendly, lightweight, easy to operate , accurate , saving time on labour, enhancing productivity, and describes it as a budget saver without the need to cut corners or compromise delivery. He urges other local authorities and spray operatives to consider their options and pesticide management programmes.

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